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Custom funeral flowers designs. what you need to know

by Peter McBride Posted May 14, 2014 Categories: Florist Secrets 
At FuneralFlowers.com we are asked to create custom funeral designs every day. From the logo of a favorite baseball team, to race cars to a Royal Flush. We have heard it all and made it all. As a self-proclaimed expert at making these designs I have strong opinions on the pros and cons of choosing custom designs for a funeral.

The first thing to understand is that not every designer can make these designs. Even the most talented florists can struggle here. There are some secrets I learned along the way that has enabled me to meet most requests with confidence. However, if think if florists around the country could wave a magic wand the majority would rather not tackle these pieces. Aside from their difficulty, they take a significant amount of time to create, which really adds to the labor cost. The amount of flowers needed is also usually on the higher side, adding to the raw cost of the design. The consumer however, is usually not prepared to pay what is truly required to make a custom design. The final challenge is that sometimes the final product delivered differs from what the customer envisioned. So even though the design is well made and reflects what was requested, it still may not be what the customer is actually looking for. Having said that, the benefit of choosing a custom design can be significant.

I recommend choosing designs that do not have too much detail. For instance, instead of making a police shield I recently recommended to the customer that we make a large "NYPD" for her husband who was retired from the New York Police Department. It offered the same impact as the shield but was much more reasonable design to complete and therefore, less expensive than the shield.

Another good suggestion is to print the logo desired and have it placed inside a traditional wreath that is made with the colors of the organization. We do this all the time and customers love it. It also allows us to add a special touch without having to charge what a custom design would cost.

Finally, if you do not have the budget needed for a custom design or the wreath with the insert, allow our designer to make a traditional design in the colors of the organization you are trying to honor. For example; red and white with a touch of yellow for the St. Louise Cardinals. You can also have the name of the organization printed on the ribbon. For example; "K of C' for the Knights of Columbus.

Custom designs can be amazing pieces but they come with a cost. The important thing to understand is that there are options that meet every budget. That is why we are here at FuneralFlowers.com. Allow us to guide you to a memorial design that achieves your goals at a price range you can afford.

I sincerely hope this helps. Remember that all of us at FuneralFlowers.com are here to help.