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Designers color guide to funeral flowers

by Peter McBride Posted May 14, 2014 Categories:
As a designer for 20+ years and owner of FuneralFlowers.com, I have often found myself contorted about the color choices customers make. While many times these choices are made for thoughtful reasons such as, "purple was mom's favorite color", all to often it is because customers try to "design" the arrangement themselves. That is almost always a mistake. Here is a quick guide to making the correct color choices when buying funeral flowers.

First - Trust your floral designer! Our floral designers at FuneralFlowers.com have a wealth of knowledge and they want to help. Here is a great example. Purple is a very popular color. However, if you choose a deep toned color paler and add purples into the design with nothing to contrast it, the purple blooms "disappears" and creates a visual black hole in the design. So instead of seeing purple, you see nothing. Remember, most funeral parlors use dimmed lighting so there is nothing to help bring out those dark tones.

Second - Keep It Simple!! The human brain see's pallets as follows; 1 color (monochromatic), 2 colors (bi-color), 3 colors (multi-toned), 4+ colors (A MESS!).

Monochromatic and bi-color designs traditionally have the highest degree of satisfaction from customers. The multi-tone arrangements work well partly because it gives talented designers more to work with to create something unique. However, in my experience of selling and designing thousands of funeral pieces, anything with four or more colors just do not offer a pleasing appearance to the observer.

Finally - Don't pick your favorites! The flowers are sent to honor a life. They should reflect the spirit of that person, not the sender!

I sincerely hope this helps make purchasing funeral flowers when the time comes. If you ever have any questions please call us at FuneralFlowers.com. We are here to help!