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The secret to buying the perfect funeral flowers

by Peter McBride Posted May 14, 2014 Categories: Why Flowers 
With more than 15 years focusing on the funeral flower industry, FuneralFlowers.com is the industry leader in helping family, friends and colleagues honor a life lost. The following tips show you the secrets behind choosing the perfect sentiment for a funeral service for a friend, both distant and dear. We also give you our designers top suggestions at the end. Here it is...

First, decide what you want the family that receives the flowers to experience when they admire what you have sent. Think of this a "tone". If you are a casual acquaintance, it would be inappropriate to send a standing spray even if you are deeply upset by the news of the death. On the other hand, if you are a life long family friend, you would likely send a larger design on an easel like a spray or wreath. Always look at the decision from the perspective of the family experiencing the loss.

Second, consider where the flowers are being delivered. I am always surprised by the number of people that send a wreath on an easel to a family's home. This is almost always inappropriate. Conversely, if the service is going to be held only at the church, a small vase may look very small on the altar. That's fine to send if that is what you can afford or if you really want the family to have the ability to take the flowers home after the service. Although, you could make a reasonable argument to simply send the vase of flowers to the house and avoid giving the family that chore.

Finally, Price! I have never helped a grieving family that wanted friends to spend beyond their means or comfort zone when sending flowers. Here is the true secret, at the end of the day it truly is the thought that counts. Never feel intimidated by the prices of funeral flowers. Strive to achieve the right tone for your relationship and the destination of the delivery. Our job at FuneralFlowers.com is to guide you through this process so please reach out to us if you have questions.

We certainly hope this helps!