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Don Zimmer

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Honor-A-Life Page for Don Zimmer

Zimmer, baseball mainstay for 66 years, dies at 83
Beloved figure worked in game as manager, player and coach.

He had the jowls of Dizzy Gillespie, the chins of Alfred Hitchcock and the forearms of Olive Oyl's favorite sailor man. For most of his 83 years, he had a haircut that required minimum maintenance and a quick, disarming smile that significantly widened his face and belied his sense of purpose. Well before his time came, he had developed a silhouette like no other in the game. If nothing else, Don Zimmer was distinctive, a ball of distinction, you might say -- no corners, no angles, no edges. So round he almost was spherical.

Credit: Copy by Marty Noble @ MLB.com

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