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Honor-A-Life Page for John livingston hanley

34 years ago when I was just 10 years old, I lost my grandfather to cancer. I barely knew him. As I grew older and became a father, I found myself thinking often of this father of 11 souls. He was part of the greatest generation. Selfless, god fearing, dedicated to family. He was a simple man, a postal carrier with other side jobs in an attempt to pay Con Ed and others. He worked until exhaustion and rarely complained. He knew it served no purpose. His example led me to take his name at my confirmation and later to name my son after him. His entire name, "John Livingston (McBride)".

My son has mirrored his demeanor, his brilliance and unfortunately, his affinity to cancer. My son John ( aka. "Jack"), is a survivor of Leukemia. Unlike his namesake he survived and is thriving.

It is in both their honors that I dedicate this site and our "Honor|Save|Change" company mission.

I can only hope to be a half the man my grandfather was but I know my son will fill his shoes quite nicely.

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