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John Glen

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Honor-A-Life Page for John Glen

John Glen, Pilot, Astronaut, Pioneer, Marine, Husband and father, has passed at the age of 95. John Glen showed the world what bravery and service looked like. In 1962, After being strapped into his rocket ship, his co-workers drove 3 miles away to safety while he waited for an inferno to ignite below and to lift him into space. No rational person would take that chance, but a few did. john Glen was one of them and lead the way. After his amazing career with NASA he went on to serve 25 years in the Senate representing Ohio. Despite all of his accomplishments, Glen knew he wasn't done. So at the age of 77 he went back to space as the oldest astronaut ever. The world is forever in his debt for his service and bravery. He showed us anything is possible. God speed John Glen.

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