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Our friend Robin Williams dies.

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Honor-A-Life Page for Robin Williams

Robin Williams was part of the fabric of America, and for a fleeting moment, he was a family friend. 8 years ago He spent a day with my son tapping a commercial with him for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. He was amazingly funny and human. I left with a great impression of Robin but I also carried a heavy heart of concern for him. It seemed to me he gave all of his soul to the world through humor. He is afterall, Robin Williams. He is expected to be funny at all times and I remember thinking that it was a heavy burden to bear. I don't begin to understand what the source of his internal struggles was, but I personally feel the worlds expectations of him was impossible to satisfy and more than any person can handle.

Robin Williams gave all of us his heart and soul and leaves the world a happier, funnier place as a result. I just wish it was easier for him to laugh!

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